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3 Reasons for Confidence

Posted by in Articles, Mind | 5 comments
3 Reasons for Confidence

Reading time: 3 – 5 minutes

Earlier this week, my kids and I are chatting happily away when all of a sudden the stroller takes a turn. I nearly bump into a lamp post. The stroller has a bad wheel that is about to give out.

Anyway, as we nearly collide into the post, I notice a hand-made flyer.

Now this street gets plastered with flyers and thankfully someone does a good job removing them. Still this flyer has hung on.

So what makes this flyer stand out, why does it catch my attention?

The simple heading…

“Excellent Nanny.”

Most of the time you just see flyers that say your garden variety, boring old “Nanny Available” or “Housekeeper Available.”

But not this one. Which is why I privately think to myself, way to “go for it” nanny.

It does show a certain confidence of the individual, doesn’t it?

And isn’t it true that you would probably be more interested in someone who says she’s an excellent nanny than you would be in a regular nanny… I mean common, who wants “regular,” right?

So back to being confident… I’m going to assume that this nanny has a lot of self confidence (or at least a healthy does of it), or else, why did she chose to describe herself as an excellent one.

And guess what? Because of her display of self confidence, sometime sooner rather than later this nanny will get what she wants. And some family may discover a not just “excellent,” but a maybe even “extraordinary,” person who will not only help care for their children, but who also will become a part of their family. Not so, unfortunately, for some other nannies who might be too terrified to step out of their comfort zone this way.

ConfidenceOkay… So we both know this isn’t about nannies… it’s about confidence, as in self-confidence (not to be confused with self esteem, which is something totally different).

And let me ask you, how confident are you?

Yes, I know it’s a bit of a trick question. After all, confidence can be relative. Meaning that it is quite normal for us to be more confident in some of the 7 areas of life than in others.

Still, humor me for a moment, and just make a mental note of your answers to this question… how do you see yourself, confidence wise in general? Do you see yourself as a confident person?

Remember, I’m not asking you whether you are excellent or extraordinary, because however you may feel about this, I am here to tell you that you are extraordinary, and you are made of wonder. I’m just asking you about your confidence.

Why? Here are 3 observations from a guy who’s been insecure, been cool as a cucumber, and has seen the awesome effect as well as the destructive consequences that confidence can wield:

* When you improve your confidence, it shows up in all areas of your life,

* With more confidence, we can accomplish things we’ve been too afraid to even think or verbalize, never mind commit to paper, and finally

* Although confidence isn’t something tangible, having it sure can create tangible results in your life.

Sometimes all you need is a boost of it, because just a little more can make all the difference.

The confident nanny says she is excellent. Another one doesn’t and, the price she pays may be her job. What could not being confident enough be costing you?

So again how confident are you, and if it feels like it would help you to gain some more, what exactly would it take to do that?

Or let me know if you’d like to hear more on this and we can get into it further in an upcoming post.

What's your next move, after having read this post?



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