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How Do You Lift Your Mood When You Feel Down in the Dumps?

Posted by in Mind | 2 comments
How Do You Lift Your Mood When You Feel Down in the Dumps?

Reading time: 3 – 4 minutes

We all have those times when we feel down in the dumps. Maybe we’re depressed because we hear some bad news. Maybe we are bummed out something doesn’t work out the way we’d hoped. Maybe we’re just upset and disappointed with ourselves.

Even if we’re not emotional wrecks, it’s not a pleasant feeling. And there aren’t many people I know who would want to stay in this state for very long. So when it hits you, how do you lift your mood and embrace happiness?

No doubt how you do it, how you lift your mood, is personal.

To convince yourself how true this is, search for ways to lift your mood or change your spirits online, and you will be flooded with a wide variety of answers, each site going in a completely different direction…

A woman’s fashion magazine might suggest you spruce up your life with new clothes, have fun with girlfriends, or savor a piece of chocolate. A man’s lifestyle magazine might suggest you walk off a funky state with new toys, go for new romance, or change up your fitness routine.

As different as these mood-lifting strategies may be, still, it is probably one of those cases where if the shoe fits, wear it.

Lift your mood

Lift your mood

Creative Commons License photo credit: rpertiet

And if all else fails, you can always try these favorites:

Socialize: Never underestimate socializing as a form of happiness. While you don’t need to be a social butterfly with everyone you meet, having close friends is a key to happiness. It is human nature to feel happy and content when you have a circle of friends that you can trust and have a receptive audience for your thoughts. If you are starting to feel low in spirits, then run a lifestyle check and make sure you are not isolating yourself from others.

Do good for others: Regardless of your religious or political beliefs, doing good for others will always fulfill a need in you. Realizing that there are things bigger than ourselves, and then being able to contribute something that will help others, is indeed something that must be experienced to be appreciated.

Think positively: Yes, I know that looking at the bright side of things is often easier said than done. While this suggestion can be grossly exaggerated, the fact remains that positive energy always does more good than harm. Just remember positive energy doesn’t have to be dogmatic thinking. For example, you can surround yourself with any form of positive energy from funny movies to happier friends, even with self-affirmation or meditative recordings.

Get out of the past: Thinking about mistakes of the past in an effort to repair your perspective is counter-productive. You can waste most of your life droning on about how unfair the past was, and this will never change what happened. Instead, spend more time living in the now and thinking positively about the future.

So how do you lift your mood? What are your favorite and most effective strategies?



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