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The Perils of Plateau

The Perils of Plateau

Reading time: 4 – 6 minutes

I meet a lot of wonderful, experienced, talented souls who tell me they have no dreams and they like their life the way it is.

These kind spirits make a convincing argument of how they have all they need.

But they keep going after more.

They tell me they have become the person they want to be.

But something drives them to take better care of themselves.

They talk about how they are doing all they ever wanted to do.

But they involve themselves in one new project after the next.

So why on the one hand do they say things are fine just the way there are, yet on the other hand they act otherwise?

We’ll save the answer to that question for another time. Instead, I want to let you in on a little secret…

It’s about what these gorgeous souls have in common.

The Perils of Plateau. Beware what lurks in stagnant water.

The Perils of Plateau. Beware what lurks in stagnant water.

They all know about the Peril of Plateau.™

When I was a child, I remember how standing water in our garden was a breeding zone for mosquitoes and always spelled trouble. And because I was the one to rack up the most bites, it was my mission to leave no container unturned.

Think of a plateau like that stagnant water. It’s a point where your life is good and you don’t see a need to change anything.

Yet therein lies the danger…

When you reach the plateau and things are fine just the way they are, you might be one step away from stagnation…

And there can be a lot more lurking in there than a few hungry mosquitoes… like stagnating health, where you start to notice things about how your physical or mental condition is deteriorating, stagnating relationships and support structures that either don’t exist or are not being nurtured in the way they could be, stagnating work that feels more like an obligation than a vocation, stagnating wealth that erodes faster than it grows, stagnating use of time that passes all too quickly or not fast enough, stagnating contribution and significance, and so on.

Now let’s get back to those wonderful and talented souls.

Each of them at one stage of life or another, or in one or more of the 7 areas of life, reached points of plateau.

In fact hitting a plateau is something everyone experiences from time to time, regardless of level of success, track record, or positive outlook on life.

But instead of staying at plateau, these gorgeous souls made a choice to keeping growing, stretching, and even challenging themselves.

Why? Because the Peril of Plateau is closely related to what I term the principle of AGAI: Always Grow and Improve. When you do something to always grow and improve, when you focus on your growth, you keep yourself from becoming stagnant.

Life is a great gift. And if stagnation is not death, it’s at least a killer.

This is how instead of being depressed, those in the know spring out of bed in the morning.

Rather than feeling hopeless, they are engaged.

Instead of having doubt, they are confident.

Rather than feeling stuck, they feel full of purpose.

Instead of being cynical or skeptical, they feel happy.

Rather than being indecisive, they enjoy the rewards that result when you take calculated risks.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed, they focus and they change the status quo.

When you are stagnating, not losing any ground yet not moving forward, it can be a challenging and draining experience as one day rolls into the next without you getting measurably closer to accomplishing what is most important to you and this can leave you with that frustrating feeling of being stuck.

Maybe this helped raise your awareness of the symptoms of stagnation and the perils of plateau. And if by now you are asking yourself the BIG question of what do you do to overcome stagnation and what do you do about it?

Then my first suggestion is take a fresh approach to break through your plateau phase and consider coming to join me and a fun small group on a Breakthrough Vacation™ in Tuscany. Not only will you overcome stagnation, you will also recharge from the hustle and bustle, have the time and space to adjust your actions, free and stimulate your creativity, come up with new ways to solve old problems, gain more clarity, have some needed FUN, and the experience will make your life better every way you look it. Learn more at and hurry because space is limited.

What questions does this raise for you?



  • Andrew Blaikie says:

    I like the way you describe the plateau Taylor. I used to say I was comfortable, and goal setting seemed like it would just create more stress. I think it was because I was focused on the wrong goals, and once I found the goals that lead to fullfillment, boy was I motivated! Tuscany sounds exciting, look forward to hearing more.

  • Taylor says:

    Hello Andrew,

    It seemed like setting goals would just add to your stress? I hear that. I’ve met lots of people who have told me they hate setting goals for one reason or another, and that includes things like New Years resolutions too. And we’re talking about individuals who have great focus and strong follow-through. So what’s going on there? What I see is that different people set goals for different reasons.

    Thanks for your note. And drop by again soon.

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